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Mirrea LED Vanity Lights are ETL Certified

Mirrea LED Vanity Lights are ETL Certified

Jul 31, 2020

On July 15th 2020, mirrea LED vanity lights were formally certified by Intertek, and authorized to mark ETL and cETL. Intertek tested these vanity lighting by conforming with CSA standard in Canada and UL standard in US.

s we know that, ETL, CSA or UL certificate is not mandatory in North America, many customers, especially lighting retailers or contractors, would request it before purchase or installation, because this certificate means the product, the materials and components used in the product, is safe.
But before purchasing a safety certified lighting product, make sure check these 3 points:

   1)   Make sure the certificate is issued by UL, CSA, or Intertek.
All three certificates are widely accepted in US and Canada. UL owns the UL standards for US and also certifies product, the mark is UL for US and cUL for Canada, CSA owns the CSA standards for Canada and also certifies product, the mark is CSA for US and cCSA for Canada. Intertek does not own the standards, only certifies product by conforming with UL standards in US and CSA standards for Canada, the mark is ETL for US, and cETL for Canada.

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   2)  Make sure the control number on the certificate is for the supplier.
Right below the certificate mark, there is a control number, which is issued by UL, CSA or Intertek, this number is a unique identification of applicant and manufacturer combination. Request the supplier to provide original certificate document or check the authenticity with control number on the website of UL, CSA or Intertek.
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    3)  M
ake sure the product is among the certified models.
On the certificate documents, testing standards, brand name, and certified models will be listed. Except above points, we would also recommend to get the original testing report, on the report critical components and materials, and product photos, will be listed. then you can check whether the real product is same as the one tested in the labs.
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