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Track lights maintenance method.

Track lights maintenance method.

Jul 22, 2021

Lamp style selection:
The lamp body structure of the track lights is similar to that of the downlight, but for more flexible installation and use, it is equipped with a track part and an electrical part.

The basic styles of track lights are divided into three types:
1. The electrical part is set above the track lamp body:
2. The electrical part is connected with the track light body:
3. The electrical part is externally installed and does not adhere to the track lights.
Different track light styles can be flexibly selected according to different projects and space requirements.

Track style selection:
There are lighting styles to choose from, and naturally there are track styles to choose from, and different track accessories can be equipped, so that everyone can try a variety of track forms.

The track types are generally divided into the following three types:
1. Single circuit track.
2. The second circuit track.
3. Three-circuit track.
When designing, consider the combination of lighting control and select the type of track. The track has a standard length, and there are also various styles of joints and connectors to facilitate the connection of the track and the realization of various turning installations. It can be flexibly adjusted according to different ceiling trends and installation requirements in practical applications.