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Why people choose mirrea LED vanity lights?

Why people choose mirrea LED vanity lights?

Aug 07, 2020

Guess how many results will show up when you search “LED vanity lights” on Amazon? Over 9,000! Then why people choose mirrea LED vanity lights?


Right Size with Right Brightness

Vanity lighting is commonly installed above the mirror or vanity top in the bathroom, so the size, especially the width of vanity lighting, should be close to the width of the mirror or vanity top, especially when the bathroom is very small and the wall spacing is very marginal. Normally we would choose the vanity lighting which is slightly wider than the mirror but slightly narrower than the vanity top.

Unlike traditional vanity lighting with bulbs sockets, we can put bulbs of right wattage to achieve desired brightness, whereas, LED vanity lights are LED integrated light fixture, we cannot change the LED wattage or quantity by ourselves, so reasonable maximal brightness and dimmability is a must for LED vanity lights.

Take a bathroom with a double-sink vanity for example, about 100 square feet. If there is only one large mirror above a 48 inches vanity, before we would use an 8-light vanity light with bulb sockets, now if we change to a LED vanity light, the LED vanity light should have same width of 8-light vanity light, it should have at least same brightness of 8 60watt bulbs in glass shades (about 3600 lumen), and it should be dimmable with most dimmer switches installed in the bathroom. The 48 inches dimmable LED vanity lights from mirrea, with 46 wattage and 3680 lumen, can exactly replace the traditional 8-light vanity light, to light the whole bathroom efficiently.


The 24 inches dimmable LED vanity lights from mirrea, with 24 wattage and 1680 lumen, is good for a small bathroom with single-sink vanity, normally below 40 square feet; the 36 inches dimmable LED vanity lights from mirrea, with 36 wattage and 2680 lumen, is good for a medium bathroom with single-sink vanity and storage cabinet, normally between 40 to 80 square feet.

For a bathroom with a vanity of 60 inches or 72 inches, installing two 24 inches dimmable LED vanity lights or two 36 inches dimmable LED vanity lights would be a good idea.


Right Metal Finish and Right Color

Except for the size and brightness, we want the vanity lighting to be able to add perfect finishing touches to our bathroom. When choosing the right metal finish for vanity lighting, we will consider the style of bathroom decor, tile and curtain, vanity top and vanity mirror, bath cabinet and accessories, bath faucet and showerhead. There are three kinds of metal finish in mirrea LED vanity light portfolio, chromed, brushed nickel, and matte black, we can always find the right one.

For example, many people like the idea of black and white bathroom decor, to avoid the bathroom looks small, most bathroom designers prefer to use a lot of white with black to accentuate mirrors, windows, and doors. The mirrea black LED vanity lights, with matte black metal base and frosted white acrylic cover, and sleek and modern shape is a perfect combo with other bathroom hardware.

As we know that LED vanity lights are LED integrated light fixture, so you cannot change the color temperature once the light is installed. We often have difficulty to decide color temperature, warm white 3000K or cold white 5000K, this is totally up to user’s preference, some people like warm light because it looks more cozy, while some people like cold white because they think the bathroom is more like a working space, such as toothbrush and make-up. Actually, more people will choose cold white 5000K for bathroom lighting, nearly double of warm white 3000K, but keep in mind, don’t choose cold white 6000K, which will generate blueish light.


The last but not least, we should choose a LED vanity light with certificate, such as ETL, UL, or CSA.